COMMERCIAL/Business USE of myTrackee

Defined Terms

'myTrackee service' or 'myTrackee services' or 'the service' means myTrackee mobile app as well as its website

'We' or 'us' or myTrackee means myTrackee limited, a registered company in Ireland

If you want to use myTrackee service for commercial purposes, you must use a business account and accept general Terms of Service as well as below commercial terms

Payment of Fees, Taxes

*You agree to pay the charges for the Paid Service or Product in the currency specified by myTrackee (or any reseller or payment processor from which you may purchase the Paid Service or Product) when you enter into the Commercial Transaction, and you assume all risks associated with any changing value in the currency compared with other currencies. The specified charge for a Paid Service or Product may include certain taxes and processing or similar charges applicable to your purchase. If any tax or charge applicable to a purchase is not charged by us, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for paying the tax or other charge, such as any charge for a cash on delivery (“CODâ

Changes in Fees

*We may change the price of our Paid Service or the cost of any Product from time to time, and add new fees and charges for certain features or to reflect a change in business or legal rules, but we will send advance notice of changes in recurring subscription fees by email to the address in your account information. Any increase in charges for the same Paid Service or Product would not apply until the expiration of your then current billing cycle, unless otherwise specifically provided in our notice to you, and would become effective no sooner than the next time you would be charged for that Paid Service or Product. If you do not agree to pay the new price or other applicable charges, you may elect not to renew the Paid Service or Product subscription before the price change goes into effect, which cancellation would be effective at the expiration of your then current billing cycle.

Cancellation of a Paid Service or Product Subscription

*You may elect to cancel a Paid Service at any time. Any cancellation of a Paid Service will be effective as of the end of the then-current billing period or expiration of subscriptions

Return and Refund Policy

*In case of any cancellation of paid service, any extra amount in your topped up account may be refund to you if you accept to bear the charges required to transfer the amount in to your account or credit card or pay pal account.